Consulting Services

Working at the intersection of philanthropy and community governance

Participatory Grantmaking

I work to design and root participatory practices into all aspects of grantmaking in order to transfer power to the communities receiving funding, creating collaboration and community in the process. I have worked with funders of all kinds: individuals, foundations, non-profits, intermediaries, collectives, and collaborative groups. I have specific expertise in the closed collective model of participatory grantmaking. I've been a practitioner of participatory grantmaking for over 12 years and have designed and led over 20 participatory grantmaking processes across many issue areas.

Definition: Participatory grantmaking cedes decision-making power about funding decisions - including the strategy and criteria behind those decisions - to the communities that funders and foundations aim to serve.

Integrated Capital

I am passionate about liberating charitable money to provide flexible, catalytic, and non-extractive capital to entrepreneurs creating a regenerative economy. I work with donors, foundations and non-profits to amend investment policies to allow for higher impact investments, and to evaluate investment opportunities to determine a structure that best serves the funding recipient.

Definition: Integrated capital is the coordinate use of different forms of financial capital and non-financial resources to support an enterprise that's working to solve complex social and environmental problems.


  • Participatory Grantmaking - designing and supporting participatory grantmaking processes

  • Community-led funds - governance, operations and best practices

  • Donor Advised Funds - operations, investments, and embedding trust-based and restorative practices

  • International grantmaking and charitable carve-outs

  • Philanthropic investment policy

  • Trust-based philanthropy

  • Community decision making processes

  • Integrated capital - deploying flexible, non-extractive capital that centers community wealth and power

  • Cultivating communities of practice

Services Offered

  • Advisory Services on retainer or hourly basis

  • Research and Resource Development

  • Convening and Community Cultivation

  • Community Engagement

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